Getting Feedback

Getting feedback from just anyone is pointless…getting feedback from Scriptapalooza is priceless.

Every judge that reads for Scriptapalooza has to fill out a score sheet. We often get calls and emails about writers wanting to see these score sheets. These score sheets that are filled out by the producers are really just the initial scores and they are not the end result. So, for us to send out these scores would only be giving you, the writer, half the picture. By doing that, you are not benefiting and without the detail notes it would be difficult for you to improve your script, that is why we don’t release Judges score sheets.


You have the opportunity to actually order feedback on your script. This gives you the advantage of receiving detailed notes on your script in these categories:

  • Premise
  • Dialogue
  • Transitions
  • Setting
  • General Notes
  • Structure
  • Pacing
  • Character
  • Tone

Your feedback will include a logline, a synopsis and your Feedback totaling 4-5 pages.

All writers who order feedback on their script will receive the notes after Finalists are announced.

Ordering Feedback

When filling out the application for the TV competition, you can order feedback at that time. 

This only costs $115 per script.

Please make sure you order your feedback at the same time your are entering the competition. This will be the only opportunity to order feedback on your script.

Any writer requesting feedback after their script has been entered into the competition will be referred to our Coverage Department at