Interviews with the winners on their process, challenges, writing their scripts and their experience with Scriptapalooza.

L. M. Harter - Sitcom Category
Melissa Rundle - Pilot Category
Scott Kelly - One Hour Category
Erin Rothwell - Pilot Category
Roberta S. Saboya - Pilot Category
Scott Marshall Taylor - Sitcom Category
Shannon Dicipulo - Sitcom Category
Shane W. Smith - One Hour Category
Hadassah Cohen & Rebecca VanderKooi - One Hour Category
Sean Azze - One Hour Category
Tammy Caplan - Sitcom Category
David Prosser - One Hour Category
Joanna Cherensky - One Hour Category
Harry Lesgold - One Hour Category
Patrick G. Emralino - One Hour Category
Corey Swim & Bunnie Rivera - Pilot Category
Hannah Petosa - Sitcom Category
Geoff Garza - Pilot Category
Stephen Montagne - Sitcom Category
Katie Cee - Sitcom Category
Hokie Bowman - Pilot Category