How to Enter

  • You must have a pilot, sitcom, 1 hour drama or reality show to enter.
  • We have 2 deadlines every year – October and April.
You can order feedback when you enter the competition. (you cannot order feedback on reality shows)
Your feedback will include a logline, a synopsis and your feedback totaling 4-5 pages.

Your feedback will have detailed notes covering these categories:

  • Premise
  • Dialogue
  • Transitions
  • Setting
  • General Notes
  • Structure
  • Pacing
  • Character
  • Tone

This only costs $115.

When applying online we only accept scripts in PDF, Microsoft Word or Text Formats.

We only accept scripts by email. We DO NOT accept scripts by regular mail.

Once you complete your application and press SUBMIT that is considered your electronic signature. If you are doing everything online, you do not need to mail anything in.

After filling out the application, the last step is you can pay thru PayPal or you can call the office and pay over the phone.

Page Length

Here are our requirements to enter the television competition. Please understand that sometimes your submission is under or over the page limit and that is acceptable. We do not disqualify entrants.

  • Pilots – 30 to 60 pages
  • 1 Hour Program – 50 to 60 pages
Reality Shows – 1 to 5 page treatment
1/2 Hour Sitcom – 25 to 35 pages

Questions? Call our office at 310.594.5384 or email us at